Weaning tips

TipsIt can take time for your baby to get used to eating foods and things might not always run smoothly when you introduce something new! Bear in mind that weaning is a gradual process and most parents have probably worn purée in their hair at some point!

Some general reminders:

  • Try not to rush your baby – take your time
  • Think of these first foods as just being first ‘tastes’
  • Some babies take to solids straight away; others take their time in accepting new textures and flavours. Sometimes they’ll make surprised or screwed up faces, or at other times they may seem to gag - but don't worry, it's all part of their learning process
  • There’s no hurry when you first start weaning – your baby's usual milk will still give them all the nourishment needed
  • Be guided by your baby what quantities of solid foods to give - they soon learn to turn their heads away when they have had enough, or they’ll refuse to open their mouth
  • Any guidelines on quantities really are just guidelines as all babies are different
  • If your baby isn’t keen on a particular new taste, offer it a couple of times then take it away and perhaps try that food again another day
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