Week 8

8 weeksYour baby

  • By the end of the 8th week, your baby will be about 3cm (just under 1¼ inches) and weigh about 3g (that’s less than a teaspoonful of sugar!)
  • Development continues to be very rapid
  • Your baby is much more of a recognisable human shape now and the arms and legs are growing
  • Although you can’t feel it, the baby moves a lot
  • Eyes can be seen underneath the skin

Are you eating healthily?

Pregnancy is a time to think carefully about what you are eating and drinking. Choosing organic foods can help you to plan a healthy diet without worrying about pesticide residues or artificial additives - and many people agree that organic foods taste better too.

Tips on eating healthily during pregnancy 

You may also qualify for Healthy Start Vouchers from week 10 of your pregnancy, but it is a good idea to register for these before this. Visit www.healthystart.nhs.uk to find out if you qualify and apply.

Tips for coping with morning sickness

If you are feeling sick and can’t face eating much (or you need to eat all the time), there’s even more reason why the foods you are able to eat should be of good quality and nourishing. Try snacking on foods such as organic carrots or sunflower seeds.

First antenatal appointment

You will have your first antenatal appointment with a midwife and/or your GP between weeks 8 and 12. Remember to ask for an FW8 form, which is used to obtain a maternity exemption certificate so that you can claim free prescriptions and dental care for the duration of your pregnancy (and for a year after your baby’s birth).

Foods to avoid during your pregnancy
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