Week 13

13 weeks pregnantYour baby

  • Your baby has all his or her muscles, organs, limbs and bones
  • Your baby’s facial features are becoming clearer

Are you eating healthily?

To help your body meet the extra demands of pregnancy and motherhood, try to get into good eating habits – eating breakfast rather than skipping it and making healthy choices at other mealtimes. Fruit (especially organic fruit) is a super convenience food – ready ‘packaged’ and full of goodness for those between-meal snacks.

Drinking a glass of cranberry juice every day can help to boost your vitamin C and anti-oxidant intake and can help to prevent urinary tract infections such as cystitis (pregnant women are more prone to infections of this type).

Drinking lots of fluids is very good for you, but make sure caffeine levels are within recommended limits, and alcohol too. Click here to check out what the latest guidelines are on drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

Tips on eating healthily during pregnancy.

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