Week 14

14 weeksYour baby

  • Your baby is getting hairy! A fine down covers the baby’s body all over. This will usually disappear before birth
  • Muscles are working in response to brain impulses and the baby starts to make movements such as frowning and swallowing
  • Fingers can curl and the arms can bend

Enjoying the second trimester

The first trimester is over and you are entering a more relaxed phase of your pregnancy. Your partner may also be feeling good around now, since this is often a time when your sex drive returns or increases. Enjoy making love; it won’t hurt the baby.

With morning sickness retreating, and when you are not too big, the second trimester is an ideal time to have a holiday.

Click here for more information and advice on travelling during your pregnancy.

You may notice that you are experiencing slight nosebleeds or you may see blood when cleaning your teeth. This is usually as a result of increased blood flow and the softening of the tissues in the body. If you are at all worried, discuss this with your midwife or GP who will be able to advise you.

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