Week 15

15 weeks pregnantYour baby

  • Your baby is putting on weight - with the body growing fast to catch up with the head
  • Your baby’s legs are also growing longer
  • The range of movements made increases
  • Hair and eyebrows start to sprout

Looking more rounded?

You may be looking a little more rounded, as well as having a bump. Doctors and midwives don’t worry too much about your weight in pregnancy, unless you are very over- or under-weight. The average weight gain during a pregnancy is usually somewhere between 10-12kg (22-28lb).

It’s important to ensure you wear good supporting bras - go and get properly measured up. 

Have you told your employer you are pregnant?

Although you do not have to tell your employer that you are pregnant until you are in your 25th week, it is a good idea to tell them sooner as there are a number of laws in place which protect you and your baby whilst you are at work. Not only are you entitled to time off for antenatal appointments / antenatal classes (incl. parenting classes) but you are entitled to an assessment of your working conditions and have the right to be offered alternative work if your job is dangerous for you / your baby.

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