Week 16

16 weeksYour baby

  • By 16 weeks your baby will be around 12cm (around 5 inches) from head to bottom and weigh around 130g (4½ oz) - that’s about the same weight as an apple or pear
  • Eyes are sensitive to light
  • The baby continues to carry out lots of different movements - including thumb sucking and grasping the umbilical cord!
  • Fingernails and toenails are small but perfectly formed
  • The baby looks thin as there’s no fat layer yet
  • Blood vessels show through the skin

Stay cool

During pregnancy there is an increase in your body’s workload and your heart is pumping extra blood around your body. It’s no wonder that many pregnant women seem to have their own in-built central heating system and feel hotter than they used to.

Could this be the baby moving?

You may begin to feel slight fluttering movements in your stomach as your baby moves around – which is sometimes called a quickening. Some liken it to butterflies in their tummies.

Feeling good

If you have been suffering from tiredness, this should be improving now and your energy levels are hopefully getting back to normal. Make the most of this lovely time!

To keep your vitamin C levels boosted always try to get your ‘5 a Day ' and drink vitamin C packed fruit juices like Orange or Cranberry. Alternatively try HiPP Organic Fruit Juices, which are rich in vitamin C but are low in acidity (good for helping to avoid heartburn). Vitamin C, taken at the same time as a meal that is rich in iron, helps your body to absorb that iron.

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