Week 19

pregnant mum drinkingYour baby

  • Amazingly, in that tiny body, the baby’s first teeth have already formed in the gums - and the second teeth are in position behind them
  • Nerves and muscles are developing rapidly so that movement is more controlled
  • At an antenatal appointment, your doctor or midwife will probably let you hear your baby’s heartbeat - it’s very fast and sounds something like horses galloping!

You may be feeling great, but don’t be tempted to take on too much (keep that nesting instinct under control). Take little breaks, chill out and relax - put your feet up and take the strain off your legs. Support tights will help if you notice a tendency to varicose veins. Sometimes a dark line (called the linea nigra) develops, going from your navel to pubic hairline.

Have you bought any maternity clothes?

It’s OK at first to get creative with elastic or braces, but at some stage you’re going to have to succumb to trousers with elasticated bits in, maternity tights, flat shoes and all those things which make you feel much more comfortable. Make sure that you have a well-fitting bra. 

Drinking lots of fluids is very good for you, but make sure caffeine levels are within recommended limits, and alcohol too. Click here to check out what the latest guidelines are on drinking alcohol during pregnancy. 

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