Week 27

pregnant lady talking to doctorYour baby

  • The baby’s brain is growing much bigger
  • Loud noises may cause the baby to jump or kick
  • You may notice that the baby has developed a sleeping and waking pattern

Be careful when you clean your teeth - hormone levels during pregnancy make your gums soften and they bleed more easily. Remember to visit your dentist regularly - it’s free!

Have you been to any antenatal classes?

They not only help you to prepare for the birth, but are also an opportunity to meet other pregnant women in the area.

Planning a hospital birth?

If you are planning on having a hospital birth, then try to arrange a visit to your local hospitals' delivery suites and postnatal wards. This will help you understand what facilities are available – which will be very useful when writing your birth plan. It will also help you to feel more relaxed when you do go into labour as your surroundings will at least be familiar.

Think about your birth plan

It is also a good idea to begin thinking about and writing your birth plan now. Your midwife will be able to support and advise you, taking into account your medical history, personal circumstances and the facilities of your local hospital. You may also want to discuss your plan with your partner, friends or family before making any decisions.

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of the final plan with you and one in your records. Your birth plan will be followed as closely as possible but you may need to be flexible if complications arise for you or the baby. View our handy birth plan template, which will help to make this easier to complete!

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