Week 31

pregnant mum sleepingYour baby

  • Your baby is filling out and becoming plumper
  • Your baby’s lungs are maturing quickly
  • Your baby’s skin already has its heat-regulating function
  • Your baby is rapidly gaining weight

Weight gain

The last trimester sees a marked weight gain for both your baby and you. You may gain as much as half a kilo (around 1lb) per week and, because your body is working so hard supporting your baby, it requires an extra 200 calories a day during the last three months.

As your baby increases in size, you might find things becoming less comfortable. You may find that your baby presses on your bladder, disrupts your digestion and causes you backache! All you can do is just keep making those trips to the loo, eat plenty of fibre (and drink plenty of fluids too) and make sure you rest enough.

Suffering from heartburn?

Prop yourself up with an extra pillow when you are lying down to help avoid heartburn. You might find it better to avoid very big (and very fatty) meals - eat little and often and not too late at night. You can exchange hints and tips on tackling heartburn and getting a good night’s sleep with other mums and mums-to-be on our Facebook page.

Baby equipment

The Chat Forum is also a good place to find hints and tips on the best car seats and other baby equipment you are thinking of buying.

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