Week 39

pregnant mum in parkYour baby

  • Things are very cramped now
  • Although baby is less active, you will still feel some movements
  • Your baby’s pulse rate is fast - around 110-150 beats per minute. When the baby is born, he or she takes his first breath and the lungs expand - a significant change in the baby’s circulation processes

Time seems to drag in the last few weeks. Don’t get your hopes up too much for an early birth - most babies are born after their due date!

Hospital bag packed?

You’ve hopefully got your bag for the hospital packed, but you also need to think about what clothes you’ll come home in. You won’t be able to get rid of those maternity clothes straight away; it can take several months to get back to your old figure.

What will the birth be like? Nobody can tell. It’s always painful, but there again think of all the women who voluntarily go through it again (and again)!

Are you having an elective caesarean?

If you are having an elective caesarean then it is most likely to be scheduled for this week. It is likely to be this week as the lungs are fully formed but you probably will not have gone in to labour naturally yet. Remember, even if you are having a caesarean, you can still let everyone know exactly what your wishes are so make sure that you have a birth plan. Click here for the HiPP birth plan template.

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