Useful guides for mums

Download our useful guides full of helpful advice and information for pregnant mums.

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Pregnancy foods to avoid card

Find out which foods you are advised to avoid during pregnancy and which foods you should try to eat more of.

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Birth plan template

Create your own birth plan according to your wishes for the special day.

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Hospital & baby essentials checklist

Make sure you are prepared for your new arrival with our handy hospital & baby essentials checklist.

Useful guides for mums

We've got lots of helpful guides on sleeping and feeding now that your little one has arrived.

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Sleep chart

Use our sleeping chart to help you monitor your baby's sleeping habits.

pdfImmunisation chart

Download our guide to immunisations now which lists everything your baby will need from 2 months old until they start school.

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Weaning chart

Not sure how to start weaning? Download our guide to the first four weeks.

pdf iconGood food for your little one

Read our simple guide to what makes a good diet for your baby.

pdf iconLumps guide

A simple guide to introducing your baby to different textures

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1st birthday cake recipe

Happy birthday! If you are planning to make a homemade cake for your little one, why not try our yummy recipe for baby's 1st brithday cake.


What type of athlete will your baby grow up to be?

Complete our flow chart to find out!

Colour-in HiPPofants for your toddler

Download our selection of HiPPofants now and let your toddler enjoy colouring them in!




pdfListening to music


About HiPP Organic products

These three products guides are designed to let you know the nutritional content and ingredients in our range of delicious baby food. You can also check which products are suitable for your baby's special dietary requirements.
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Nutritional information

Find out the nutritional content of your baby's favourite HiPP Organic products in this guide.

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We've listed all the ingredients in all our baby foods so you know exactly what goes into each product.

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Special diets checklist

If your baby has any special dietary requirements, use this guide to find out which HiPP Organic products are suitable for them.

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Coping with your first ‘poonami’

It’s a bit of a rite of passage in the parenting world: the nappy change to end all nappy changes, the one that makes even the most affectionate mum or dad recoil and wonder, “What on...

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