• from birth onwards

Hungry infant milk

Please note, this product is being discontinued from Oct 2020.

A nutritionally complete, casein based infant milk, which is suitable from birth onwards if baby is not being breastfed or to complement breastfeeding. 

Using this product may help delay the early onset of weaning, as the higher proportion of casein means that it may satisfy extra hungry babies for longer than a whey-dominant formula. Our hungry milk contains all the nutrients your baby needs if they're not being breastfed, and is specially formulated using gentle organic ingredients. Gentle because no pesticides are used in the fields where our cows graze. 

You can purchase our reusable milk storage box with a built in scoop holder and leveller to store the inner sachet from the HiPP Shop.

Our recipes are changing in line with new UK and EU legislation.  Click here to find out more.