Rainforest Alliance Certified palm oil

We’re big on finding little ways to make our products as sustainable as possible. It’s why we’re super proud of our genuinely sustainably sourced organic palm oil. Palm oil is a really important part of our formula, because it helps us replicate the fatty acid profile in breastmilk. We’re the only formula brand in the world who use sustainably sourced palm oil which largely comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Why do we use palm oil?

Informed by the makeup of breastmilk, all formula milks need to contain a blend of oils to ensure babies get the fatty acids the need for development and to give them the energy they need. Palmitic acid is the predominant saturated fatty acid in breastmilk; and palm oil is often used to replicate this in formula milks, as it contains the highest natural levels of palmitic acid.

It might be great for babies, but it’s not always great for the environment – we all know that palm oil has had a lot of bad press in recent years. That’s why, being true to our sustainable HiPP values, we set out on a mission to source great quality, genuinely more sustainable palm oil that’s better for people and nature.

Our palm oil largely comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified plantations in South America, where local farmers use existing agricultural land to farm the palm trees. They use traditional methods that help protect the local environment’s biodiversity, like using organic fertiliser; leaving enough space between the trees for local flora and fauna; and using low intensity harvesting techniques rather than heavy machinery. On top of all this, we transport our palm oil in special, unique containers and refine it very slowly, which improves its quality.

To become a Rainforest Alliance Certified plantation, they must focus on four main areas:

- Effective planning and responsible farming e.g. efficient use of energy and water, and social management plans

- Protecting biodiversity e.g. wildlife protection and conservation of original vegetation

- Conservation of natural resources e.g. using natural energy sources, GM free

- Improved livelihoods and human well-being e.g. decent wages, healthy and safe environment, access to education and healthcare

We’re really proud of our sustainably sourced palm oil, the low impact it makes on the environment, and the security it provides the communities that farm it. It’s just another little thing we do, that makes a big difference to the health of our planet and the quality of our products.