We're big on protecting chicks

At HiPP Organic, we’re big on organic nutrition, which is why we’re serious about the way we treat our chickens. 

The use of egg is an important part of our recipes, especially in our HiPP Organic pasta products where we only use eggs from organic production, which have the best holding conditions for our laying hens.

At HiPP Organic, we have implemented a special protection programme with the aim of improving the lives of our male chicks. All of or our organic partners have to meet high standards of transparency, traceability and animal welfare before they can become accredited and because of this, male chicks are raised in the same optimally adapted conditions as their female counterparts.

This holistic approach chicken raising ensues that there is no wastage, and that the males are used for meat and the females are only used for egg production. We use a chicken breed known as “Sandy” which is ideal for sibling rearing and they are raised on organic poultry farms with green areas, where they are free to exercise and feed in natural conditions. The Sandy chicken breed takes longer to grow and develops in a natural way resulting in much higher quality and flavourful meat. 

Protecting male chicks and ensuring all our chicks live a natural life is just another one of the little things we do, which we believe makes a huge difference to sustainability, biodiversity and ultimately a big difference to the taste and quality of our HiPP Organic baby food, helping to feed your little one every day.