Sustainable Organic Farming

Ever since deciding to make our family farm fully organic in 1956, we've never looked back.

From clean air and water to happy, healthy animals and tasty fruit and vegetables, it matters to us that working with nature, rather than against it, can provide us with everything we need.

So, instead of artificial fertilisers, our farmers run regular crop rotation. And we encourage natural pest controllers like hedgehogs, owls and hawks, rather than spraying with harmful chemicals.

Happy animals

'Species-appropriate livestock farming' is the way we make sure our cows, sheep , chickens and turkeys live happy, healthy lives, without the need for growth hormones and other drugs. It's really about giving each animal or bird the space it needs to live in natural surroundings. For instance, it matters to us that our chickens can roam freely in the open air, scratching and sun-bathing, and enjoying organic food themselves. On our own farm, we let our animals out into the woods to graze. This also helps biodiversity and natural forest cycles - even more ways we're helping make a better world for your baby to grow up in.

Natural pesticides

We've always believed it's easy to produce delicious organic food without chemically synthesised pesticides and other chemicals. It's just a case of working with nature itself. So, on our dedicated farms, it matters to us that we encourage owls to hunt mice, hawks to scare away pigeons and hedgehogs to deal with slugs and snails. Our bats are experts at keeping insects from eating the crops! Creating the the right environment for these natural friends also makes our whole world happier and healthier for everyone. And isn't that the best result of all?

Organic Seedlings

HiPP takes its responsibilities very seriously - all our seeds and seedlings come from organic nurseries, and the soil they grow in is enriched with organic fertilisers that support the natural balance between synthesized pesticides. Instead, we let nature do the work by enlisting birds, insects and other wildlife. The philosophy carries through to every detail of our business.

8,000 organic partners

HiPP work hard to build a great partner network of 8,000 organic farmers who believe in what they do. For example, for 20 years HiPP bananas have been sourced from the same supplier in Costa Rica. HiPP's heirloom Gros Michel bananas are grown using natural methods, providing a habitat for lots of other plants, animals and insects. Intensely flavoured with just the right natural sugar content they are delicious foods for babies.