We’ve already made leaps towards carbon neutrality, with our carbon reduction and offsetting initiatives in and outside HiPP. We are striving to go even further, and longer term, offset any remaining emissions with our own projects, for a cleaner future – for everyone.

Our renewable energy sites are carbon neutral

We use renewable energy for organic food production in Pfaffenhofen (Germany), Gmunden (Austria), Glina (Croatia) and Hanságliget (Hungary). Combined with carbon offsetting for remaining emissions, we’ve made them all carbon neutral.

WE SAVED 58,200 TONNES of greenhouse gases reaching the atmosphere saved 52,800 tonnes of greenhouse gasses from reaching the atmosphere

By using renewable energy, steam and district heating (from biomass) at our HiPP Farm in Pfaffenhofen, we’ve avoided 58,200 tonnes of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re reducing pollution by reducing our water usage

Since the early ‘70s, we’ve been working hard to reduce how much water we use. Using less water means less energy is needed to supply communities’ homes, businesses and farms, so we can do even more to reduce pollution and preserve valuable fuel resources.

We’re absorbing CO2 using sheep and cattle dung

At the HiPP family farm in Podagi, Poland, we collect sheep and cattle dung to make nutrient-rich humus that’s not only excellent for the soil, but that also absorbs CO2 as part of our carbon offsetting programme.

We planted 1.2 million trees

We’re proud to have planted 1.2 million trees as part of China’s Ant Forest project, a global carbon footprint reduction initiative that rewards positive climate action while helping local communities fight desertification in some of China’s driest regions.

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