We’ve always worked in harmony with Mother Nature. It’s why we’re so big on the highest animal welfare standards, because we believe the best life for our animals makes the best ingredients for our baby food. And it’s also why we do everything we can to protect, preserve and improve the biodiversity on all our organic farms.

We're kinder to nature across our network of 8000+ farms

We’re proud to partner with over 8,000 farms, whose farmers grow our delicious organic ingredients all over the world. They all share the HiPP approach to biodiversity, which is tried, tested and refined at the HiPP Farm in Pfaffenhofen.

Supporting old breeds

We believe it’s important to preserve old breeds, which is why we rear Appenzeller Spitzhauben chickens, who love to roam freely, and Original Braunvieh cattle, a Swiss dairy and beef cow on our HiPP Farm.

We only mow our fields at dawn or dusk

Bees play such a big part in nature’s ecosystem, that we do every little thing we can to protect them and their environment. It’s why we only mow our fields at dawn and dusk, because bees are busiest during the day.

Meet our pest controllers

We’re big believers in natural pest control, because chemical pesticides badly damage a farm’s natural biodiversity. On our HiPP farm we rely on our resident peregrine falcon to ensure feasting birds look elsewhere for their next meal.

Meet our head of security

To work with our eyes in the sky, this is our protection on the ground. Our fearless donkey keeps preying foxes and wolves away from our sheep, so they can go about their business and graze in peace.

Free to roam

On our Hipp farm, we make sure our cows, sheep, chickens and turkeys live happy, healthy lives. Every animal and bird enjoys natural surroundings, eats organic, roams freely in the open air, and can go out into the woods to graze.

Stone wall sanctuaries

On the HiPP Farm, we’ve built stone walls as essential sanctuaries for a growing reptile population that includes grass snakes, adders, blindworms, sand lizards, and other kinds of lizards.

We're proudly WWF CERTIFIED

The HiPP Farm in Germany, as well as our farms in Poland, have been certified by the World Wide Fund for Nature, helping us to continue working in harmony with nature in our organic food production.

Better living for every male chick

We’re big on a holistic approach to raising chickens, our special protection programme makes sure all our organic partners breed males in conditions that are just right for them, like their female counterparts.

Box clever

Birds are such an important part of the rich biodiversity and ecosystems on our farms, that we make sure our feathered friends always feel at home. They’ll find nesting boxes all over the place, ready and waiting.

Pond life

There are ponds all over the HiPP Farm, providing the perfect habitat for our amphibian friends: highly endangered yellow-bellied toads and great crested newts, tree frogs, green toads (also threatened by extinction), and natterjack toads.

In partnership with the Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds

We work closely with the Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds and the Bioland Organic-Food Association, whose research into grassland farming methods can help us improve soil fertility and biodiversity.

Even our livestock EAT ORGANIC

Because we’re so big on animal welfare, we believe our animals deserve to live and eat well. Livestock on all our farms only ever eat organic feeds, free from nasties like antibiotics, growth hormones, performance enhancers, and anything GM.

Little hotels that do a big job

We count on pollinators like bees, bugs and butterflies to do such an important job in the natural world, so the insect hotels on our farms mean they’ve always got somewhere to stay after a busy day.

Farm-raised barn owls

Owls make such an excellent natural pesticide that we started raising Barn Owls. This rare breed was released on the HiPP farm for the first time in 2016, creating and improving natural biodiversity – and keeping prey at bay.

We even give our cows maternity leave

We want our cows to be healthy and happy, so we give them maternity leave around calving time, and make sure they’re never pushed to produce more milk than they would naturally.

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