Ambitious? We don’t think so. We’ve already cut the packaging weight of our jars by 20%, reducing the environmental impact of transporting them. Here are some of the other little things we’re doing that have a big effect on minimising waste.

Every pack greener than the last

To make sure we hit our 2025 target of 100% recyclable packaging, every new packaging solution must be more environmentally friendly than the one that came before it.

We reuse 97% of our on-site production waste

The HiPP factory in Pfaffenhofen produces more than 12,000 tonnes of food waste every year, and we’re proud to say that just 3% is not used (we’re working on it), this is then used for biomass for energy or for animal feed.

94% of all our packaging is fully recyclable

There may be some way to go, but we’re well on the road to 100% recyclable packaging: by weight, 94% of all the packaging we produce is fully recyclable.

We’re making our packaging 100% reusable

By 2025, we want all our packaging to be reusable. That means every pouch, tray, plastic bottle and pot is as reusable as HiPP baby food jars.

Veg power

We send vegetable waste from organic food production to two biogas plants, where it’s used to generate electricity for around 300 homes.

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