HiPP's A-Z of pregnancy & child health

The A-Z contains information on many aspects of pregnancy 
and child health. It is arranged alphabetically so you can find what you are looking for with ease. If you are at all concerned about your health or your child’s health, please consult your health professional.


European Union (EU) legislation requires most additives used in foods to be labelled in the list of ingredients either by name or by an E number. All additives with E numbers have passed safety tests and have been approved for use. The Food Standards Authority (FSA) has advised parents of children showing signs of hyperactivity that cutting certain artificial colours from their diets might have some beneficial effects. The additives to avoid are: E110 (Sunset Yellow), E104 (Quinoline yellow), E122 (Carmoisine), E129 (Allura red), E102 (Tartrazine) and E124 (Ponceau 4R). Visit for more information. No artificial additives are used in HiPP Organic baby foods. For more information on the HiPP Organic product range click here.

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