HiPP's A-Z of pregnancy & child health

The A-Z contains information on many aspects of pregnancy 
and child health. It is arranged alphabetically so you can find what you are looking for with ease. If you are at all concerned about your health or your child’s health, please consult your health professional.

Nappy Rash

Some babies are more prone to nappy rash than others and it can also appear, or seem to get worse, when a baby is teething. Change baby's nappy frequently, wash the area gently with water, pat dry and use a suitable protective/barrier cream. If the rash persists or is severe, consult the health visitor, doctor or pharmacist - there are specific creams and ointments that can be used. Nappy rash may also be caused by a thrush infection - if this is the case you will need a prescription for a special anti-fungal cream.

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