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How to Wean by The Reading Residence blogger

Posted on 08. November 2017 by adminaris

Oh, I remember reading so many forums and advice sites when my children were a few months old. Weaning seemed to be such a huge milestone hovering on the horizon, alongside teething and watching their first attempts at rolling, sitting and crawling. 

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10 genius Halloween costumes for the littlest trick-or-treaters

Posted on 20. October 2017 by adminaris

If Halloween is a big thing in your household, you’re probably looking for some great creative costume ideas for your baby or toddler!


We know you don’t have a lot of spare time – really, what parent does? So here are some of the easiest and most adorable costume ideas from around the web to inspire you – and thankfully, none of them require anything more complicated than a hot-glue gun.

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Mums’ views on HiPP’s baby care range

Posted on 18. October 2017 by adminaris

When the very first advance samples of our new free-from baby care products showed up at the HiPP offices, they caused an audible buzz of excitement... one look, and we were pretty sure we had a hit on our hands. But the real test, of course, wasn’t what we thought of our wonderful new line-up – we needed to get these products into the hands of some parents to see what they thought!

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Getting Ready To Wean by mummy blogger Jenny, also known as Monkey & Mouse

Posted on 15. September 2017 by adminaris

I love reminiscing about my children as babies and all the fun we had back then.  It's all too easy to see everything in rose coloured glasses and think about how easy it was when they were so small.  Of course there are always difficulties at any stage, but I really enjoyed weaning them both and have many happy memories of their first tastes of food.

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Top tips for weaning with fruit and veg from Toby & Roo

Posted on 01. September 2017 by adminaris

I remember when I first started weaning Reuben I was so excited about this next chapter in our lives together. I read up on baby nutrition, and how to introduce one fruit or veg first and keep on with that taste until they started to accept it, slowly and gradually introducing new flavours as time went on. But the truth is, I found that Reuben was a really receptive baby and never a fussy eater. He loved carrot. He loved broccoli and within weeks he was eating sweet potato and broccoli puree with cream cheese, Quinoa, apple and blueberry puree, and banana and porridge breakfast food...

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