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Top tips for weaning with fruit and veg from Toby & Roo

Posted on 01. September 2017 by adminaris

I remember when I first started weaning Reuben I was so excited about this next chapter in our lives together. I read up on baby nutrition, and how to introduce one fruit or veg first and keep on with that taste until they started to accept it, slowly and gradually introducing new flavours as time went on. But the truth is, I found that Reuben was a really receptive baby and never a fussy eater. He loved carrot. He loved broccoli and within weeks he was eating sweet potato and broccoli puree with cream cheese, Quinoa, apple and blueberry puree, and banana and porridge breakfast food...

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How do you teach your baby to love veg? Repetition, repetition, repetition!

Posted on 14. April 2017 by adminaris

Okay, all you parents in the weaning trenches – hands up if you’ve encountered this scenario. You’re introducing your baby to the exciting taste of a brand-new vegetable (broccoli, say, or parsnip). They eagerly open wide, take a big mouthful... and make the most incredible grimace you’ve ever seen. The puree ends up everywhere, and the baby is giving you a look that says, “Don’t EVER try that one on me again!”

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How to be a pro at weaning on the go

Posted on 19. December 2016 by adminaris

Teaching your little one about solid foods can be a lot of fun – but boy, is it ever messy! (If you’ve ever found yourself seriously considering using the pressure-washer on a grotty highchair, you know what we mean.)


At home, you can pretty much prepare for the mess – we recommend a gigantic tarpaulin, personally – but you can’t stay home all the time. So what’s the best way to handle feeding your baby when you’re out and about? 

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Five ways to wow your little ones with the magic of Christmas

Posted on 19. December 2016 by adminaris

When our children are small, one of the very best parts of the holiday season is seeing the wonder on those little faces as they imagine Father Christmas in his sleigh, coming to leave special gifts under the tree just for them! If your family loves to celebrate the Christmas legend, here are a few creative ways you can make the season even more magical for your little ones.

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