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Nappy rash and teething – are they connected?

Posted on 10. October 2016 by adminaris

Many doctors say this is an old wives’ tale, but it’s a persistent one, and for a very good reason: for lots of babies, the appearance of those first tiny teeth is accompanied by a rather red, sore bottom.


No studies have yet found evidence that teething is a direct cause of nappy rash, but one theory is that all the extra saliva your baby swallows when teething can affect the composition of the poo, making it more irritating to the skin. (Many babies also get a bit of mild diarrhoea when a tooth is coming through, which also makes them more prone to nappy rash.)


 Unfortunately, adding a sore bottom to a sore mouth can result in a rather unhappy baby! Your best bet to avoid this is probably to keep a close eye on things from around 4 months of age, so you can spot the signs that a tooth is about to make its appearance. Once the drooling and chewing begins in earnest, frequent  nappy changes and a judicious application of barrier cream should help to keep the rashes at bay – and hopefully keep your little one smiling to show off those brand-new teeth!


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