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Microfashion: Why toddlers love to choose their own outfits

Posted on 08. November 2016 by adminaris

Microfashion: Why toddlers love to choose their own outfits

When it comes to true cutting-edge style, even the most ardent fashionista would have a tough time competing with your average toddler. Starting at around age three, many toddlers suddenly turn into tiny style mavens, obsessed with making fashion choices for themselves. And, as any parent knows, this can result in some rather interesting outfits.


Like many sudden phases, however, this fashion obsession is a totally normal expression of your toddler’s development. The key here is control. Toddlers are learning about themselves as independent people, so they love having the power to make choices. Despite the eye-popping ensembles that sometimes ensue, letting them choose their own clothing is actually quite a good idea; it not only gives them a sense of confidence and autonomy, but it can save you some very big daily battles. And after all, as long as they’re warm and covered, does it really matter if your little person swans around Tesco in a tutu, or wears rain boots every day for a week?


Some parents go even farther, like brave American blogger Summer Bellessa, who daringly swapped roles and let her toddler son choose her outfits for a week. (The results were definitely creative, but surprisingly attractive... and as Summer reported, seeing her son’s delight at being the one ‘in charge’ was well worth wearing mismatched shoes!)


If your little one’s fashion sense is a lot edgier than you’re comfortable with, or centres on wearing one (and only one) particular piece of clothing day in and day out, compromise can save the day. You might make a rule that your toddler can choose what to wear when you’re at home, but Mum gets to choose what gets worn to nursery – or that clothes need to go into the wash after they’ve been worn once. Offering limited choices – between two outfits, say – can also help head off clothing-related showdowns. And in the meantime, keep the camera handy to document your little fashionista’s creative brilliance…as some bloggers have here!



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