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“Remember when?” - Thousands of HiPP parents share the moments that really matter

Posted on 28. November 2016 by admin


When it comes to the moments that matter, there’s not much in life that outranks parenthood. From that first heart-stopping realisation that you’re actually, really pregnant, to your baby’s first gummy smile, to the moment you finally manage to convince your little one to try broccoli, life as a parent is chock-full of little victories and big laughs, and dozens of moments you hope never to forget. 


Here at HiPP, we love hearing about those moments – after all, they’re a big part of why we’re here! So we surveyed more than 6,000 parents to find out what they really think about parenthood, and discover the moments that have meant the most to them.



Pregnancy – Wow! What do I do now?


When it came to telling people the good news, the key word from our survey respondents was “excitement” - plus a good dose of emotion and a few nerves for good measure (mostly when telling the boss!) Many of our soon-to-be mums and dads had a bit of fun with the announcement, too – creative ideas abounded, from “big sister” t-shirts to “egg-specting” Easter eggs to matching “Mummy” and “Daddy” mugs – even custom-made fortune cookies for a very special end to a family dinner!


“When my husband and I found out we were expecting, he was in the middle of baking... so, yes, we both had buns in the oven!”


In spite of all the excitement, though, most chose to wait until after the 12-week scan to publicise the pregnancy to any but their nearest and dearest – which meant the scan picture came in very handy indeed!


After the cheering had died down, most of our surveyed parents found they had lots and lots of questions. The biggest, understandably, were “Will the baby be healthy?” and “How will we afford it?” but many also found themselves concerned about the impact of the pregnancy on their careers, living arrangements and relationships with partners and family members.


Quite a few first-time mums-to-be found their thoughts drifting toward what labour would be like and how they would cope, and most admitted to having some worries about what they should or shouldn’t be doing during pregnancy. More experienced mums were more likely to wonder how their older children were going to react to the news (and in some cases whether they would need a bigger car!)


The ups and downs continued through the pregnancy, with many parents reporting that feeling the baby move and finding out the baby’s gender were big high points. Interestingly, having scans ranked as both the happiest and the most daunting moment for most parents – perhaps a picture really is worth a thousand words?


Are you pregnant?  Take a look at our advice centre which is full of useful tips and information.  If you have any questions or comments, let us know.

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