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How to be a pro at weaning on the go

Posted on 19. December 2016 by adminaris


Teaching your little one about solid foods can be a lot of fun – but boy, is it ever messy! (If you’ve ever found yourself seriously considering using the pressure-washer on a grotty highchair, you know what we mean.)


At home, you can pretty much prepare for the mess – we recommend a gigantic tarpaulin, personally – but you can’t stay home all the time. So what’s the best way to handle feeding your baby when you’re out and about?


As with just about everything parenting-related, the key is preparation; a bit of savvy bag-packing will save you lots of headaches! Here are our top ten must-haves for your on-the-go feeding needs.


1)     Bibs. Your first line of defense! Bring two in case the first one gets uber-messy. (Pro parent tip: Pack them in a zip-lock storage bag. Not only will they be easier to find in your nappy bag, but you’ll have a spot to stash the dirty one when you’re done!)

2)     Wipes. Also indispensable; use liberally to clean faces, hands and surfaces (both before and after if necessary!)

3)     Spoons/forks. Stash these in a storage bag as well; it’ll come in handy later on, when they’re dirty. Again, it’s best to bring spares; you’d be surprised how often spoons hit the ground, especially when you’re away from home and don’t have a drawer-full of clean ones handy. The fork is useful if your baby is eating foods with some lumps, like mashed banana.

4)     Sippy cup with a lid. A necessity for drinking on-the-go.

5)     A vacuum flask filled with boiled water. You might not need this if your baby is happy to eat food at room temperature, but if your little one is a mite more fussy, you can pour some of the hot water into a bowl or the lid, then sit the food in it for a couple of minutes to warm up.

6)     A small plastic bowl with a tight-fitting lid. This will come in very handy if your little one often doesn’t finish a whole jar of food. Use a clean spoon to put some of the food in the bowl for your baby, then re-cap the jar for later. (Note: It’s important to keep jars refrigerated once open.)

7)     A cool bag and ice pack. A must if your baby tends to leave leftovers, as above. It’s also good for keeping things like yogurt and cheese nice and cold.

8)     A change of clothes. It might seem like overkill, but if you’re going to be out for hours, bringing along a spare outfit for your baby might well save the day if that pumpkin puree goes a bit haywire. (And yes, some extra-careful parents have been known to pop a spare t-shirt in the bag for themselves as well, just in case!)

9)     A large muslin cloth or two. These are great all-purpose items to have along – they can serve as bibs, face cloths, a sunshade, a picnic blanket, or even a floor protector in a pinch (this is especially handy if your little one tends to make a big mess with sticky stuff like bananas!) Plus, they pack small and weigh next to nothing, and you can just chuck them in the wash when you get home... muslins are definitely worth their weight in gold!

10)   Take along a few pouches. Lots of parents swear by our handy pouches for when they’re out and about – the tight-fitting caps make it easy to take any leftovers with you, and the spout makes for mess-free feeding (well, as close to mess-free as possible!) Plus, depending on your little one’s appetite we have a range of 70g, 100g and 130g pouches to choose from, with lots of savoury recipes to encourage a taste for savoury and not just the sweet. With over 35 recipes, why not give them a try on your next day out with your baby – we’re betting you’ll both love them!


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