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Our fabulously gentle ‘free-from’ baby care range, now on Amazon!

Posted on 16. May 2017 by adminaris


Since we launched our special line of HiPP baby care products last year, we’ve been flooded with compliments from parents who had been at their wits’ end trying to find gentle products that wouldn’t irritate their little ones’ sensitive skin.


Gemma from Consett told us, “The bubble bath is very gentle, and for the first time in Ethan’s 7 months I didn’t have to moisturise his skin after his bath.” And Elle, from Rotherham, said, “Unlike most ‘no tears’ products, this is one you can trust – both my baby and little girl didn’t mind rinsing it out, and it’s usually a chore.”


Testimonials like this are why we’re so pleased to announce that our entire baby care range is now available on Amazon! From no-tears shampoo to baby oil, moisturiser to wipes, you can get it all with a click of the mouse – and it’s all blissfully free of the ‘nasties’ that can irritate delicate baby skin.


A great first product you might want to try: our delicious-smelling Good Night Baby Bath, which is developing quite a cult following amongst sleep-deprived parents... but don’t take our word for it, listen to Natalie from Nottingham:


“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but my 4-month-old had a record-breaking 7.5-hour sleep after using the baby bath! He usually wakes twice in the night and has only previously managed a 5-hour stint, so we were delighted!”



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