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Getting Ready To Wean by mummy blogger Jenny, also known as Monkey & Mouse

Posted on 15. September 2017 by adminaris


I love reminiscing about my children as babies and all the fun we had back then.  It's all too easy to see everything in rose coloured glasses and think about how easy it was when they were so small.  Of course there are always difficulties at any stage, but I really enjoyed weaning them both and have many happy memories of their first tastes of food.


When you wean your first child it's definitely a bit of a mystery.  Weaning advice seems to vary so much from one source to another, but I have to admit that I found myself turning to friends for feeding advice as a source I knew I could trust.


I had read A LOT about when babies should start weaning and most advice seemed to say that their guts weren't ready until around 6 months.  This is why it's always recommended to have breast or formula milk until that age.  I know of parents who weaned around 5 months as their babies were actually grabbing food off their plates and putting it in their mouths.  But there were also some who waited more than 6 months as their little ones didn't seem ready. So as it seems to vary from child to child, I have put together my top tips for preparing to wean your little one:


1. Try not to compare your own child to their peers when it comes to development such as weaning - admittedly this is easier said than done!


2. Something that is important for weaning readiness is for your child to be able to sit up unsupported. If they can't do this then it is unlikely that their gut is ready to digest food.  Babies vary in age for this development stage, anywhere from around 5-8 months is completely normal.


3. When your child is around the 5-6 month age it's great to get a high chair, so your baby can watch you eating at the table before they join in too.  We chose a basic chair from IKEA as it was easy to take apart and clean (think hosing it down in the garden!!) There is nothing worse than fishing bits of old food out from the cracks of a fabric high chair! Yuck!


4. One of the best pieces of advice when weaning is to feed your child OUTSIDE when you can.  Believe me; it makes so much more sense to keep your house clean!  This might not be so easy if you're weaning in the winter months, but for summer weaning babies it makes life just a little easier.


There are a huge variety of foods you can start to wean with and different methods of weaning.  We tended to let our little ones get on with it on their own, which can make things a bit messy, but ultimately gives them independence and are less likely to choke.  You might not even have a choice as some children won't even eat from a spoon unless they are holding it themselves!  So be prepared for your child to be in control sometimes too.  I definitely recommend giving your little one a spoon and bowl (those with a rubber suction pad to keep them on the high chair are AMAZING) to practice with before they start weaning.  You will be surprised how quick they get the hang of using a spoon to shovel food into their mouths!


Are you ready to start weaning?  Do you have any tips to add?

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