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Mums’ views on HiPP’s baby care range

Posted on 18. October 2017 by adminaris

When the very first advance samples of our new free-from baby care products showed up at the HiPP offices, they caused an audible buzz of excitement... one look, and we were pretty sure we had a hit on our hands. But the real test, of course, wasn’t what we thought of our wonderful new line-up – we needed to get these products into the hands of some parents to see what they thought!


That’s where our HiPP Ambassadors came in. We promptly sent a very special “care package” to each of our 45 intrepid Ambassador mums and dads, with a request to give the products a try and let us know what they thought. The verdict was immediate – and overwhelmingly positive! We’re still receiving glowing feedback from parents on our range.  Here’s what our Ambassadors had to say:



“Baby Ethan's eczema has cleared up on his arms completely for the first time ever after just a few days use of HiPP bubble bath and all over wash instead of another major brand’s night time bath. I'm a very happy mummy!”

Gemma O.



“There has to be some sort of magic in this bottle! Since the beginning of August Louie has forgot how to sleep through the night, waking every 30 minutes until morning then likes to sleep through the day... he has always had the same routine, so I didn't know what else to do. Well, last night Louie SLEPT THROUGH!!! He was so relaxed after his bath that he went straight to sleep and stayed asleep until 6am. I will be using this magic potion again tonight!”

Hayley M.


“Like most babies, my son is suffering from cradle cap and nothing seems to help. This shampoo is gentle enough not to dry out the scalp or cause any unsightly flaking. It's soft, mild scent is so sweet, everyone has to smell the baby’s head! As you only use a tiny amount each time, this product is amazing value for money. I've even tried it on my four year old’s hair, and it was left silky smooth and smelling gorgeous!”

Elle S.



“I was really impressed with this product! It lathers up really well and washes off easily too. The 'no tears' guarantee was well and truly put to the test by my son who likes to help wash his own hair - usually resulting in bubbles covering his face! This product is a bargain at only £1.29, I have paid far more than this in the past for a product that irritates my son's eyes and causes a lot of tears, resulting in a stressful bathtime for both of us!

Jess W.



 “My nephews came for dinner, and I think half of the hand soap has already been used! They loved pressing the duck down and making ‘quack quack’ noises. It certainly helped to get them to wash their hands.”

Hayley F.


“Tonight I tried the Good Night Baby Bath again and my daughter, who usually likes to fight sleep, was in her bed at 7pm and hasn’t moved since - fabulous!!”

Jamie K.



“With our family history of sensitive skin, we've not allowed any bubbles in the bath in fear of aggravating her precious skin... until now. Oh boy, did we have fun with the bubbles -  she had a whale of a time!”

Leanne H.




“The foaming hand wash is a firm favorite with my adult and child visitors, it smells amazing and the funky duck pump/bottle means everyone wants to use it. I also think it is an excellent idea to have a refill pack for the dispenser. Overall: excellent smelling, attractive packaging and environmentally conscious! Big win win, well done HiPP!”

-     Alice I.


Have you tried our baby care range yet? We’d love to get your feedback, too! You can leave a comment below, or get in touch on our Facebook page... we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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