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10 genius Halloween costumes for the littlest trick-or-treaters

Posted on 20. October 2017 by adminaris

If Halloween is a big thing in your household, you’re probably looking for some great creative costume ideas for your baby or toddler!


We know you don’t have a lot of spare time – really, what parent does? So here are some of the easiest and most adorable costume ideas from around the web to inspire you – and thankfully, none of them require anything more complicated than a hot-glue gun.


Happy Halloween, everyone!


1.     Rainbow

This costume is simple, but oh, so very cute! All you’ll need is a couple of pieces of cardboard and assorted coloured felt, plus a headband and a pair of colourful tights. For added fun, you could also glue cotton balls or cotton wool onto the clouds. Beautiful – and easy! (via


2.     Movie usher and popcorn

If your baby is still most comfortable in a front carrier, this costume is a definite go-to! Just hot-glue some popcorn onto a baby hat and make the ‘popcorn box’ out of red and white felt. Simple, cosy and incredibly adorable...



3.     Snuggly sheep

If you’ve got access to a dark-coloured hoodie sweat suit or onesie, a hot glue gun, a bit of black felt and a large packet of cotton wool balls, this is your costume, hands-down. Your toddler will be toasty warm all evening, and you’ll get to cuddle the softest little trick-or-treater on the block... what a bonus! (You could add a bit of black face-paint on that little nose, just for extra added cuteness...)





4.     Zap!

This costume made us giggle the second we saw it – perfect for those babies with lots of flyaway hair! Just make a cloud and some lightning bolts from cardboard and cotton balls, then tatter a onesie appropriately and apply a bit of 'soot.' Easy, comfortable for your little one, and totally hilarious! (via

5.     Cute-a-saurus


We’re not ashamed to admit that this genius idea made us squeal a little bit. Accessorise a matching babygro and hat with bright-coloured sponges cut into triangles, and the most adorable costume in the neighbourhood can be yours for around a fiver!


6.     Rainbow fish

It’s a classic children’s book for a reason – and this simple costume will let your little one take the starring role! Just glue overlapping layers of flattened rainbow cupcake liners to a red sweatshirt to form the “scales” - a stocking cap with ‘gills’ and ‘fish eyes’ completes the look. (via


7. Duct-Tape Skeleton

This costume couldn't possibly be any easier... in fact, chances are you could pull it off with things you already have at home! Perfect if you might just, possibly, have left it to the last minute (no, we NEVER do that!) (via

8. Not-so-scary tarantula

Yes, we know – this makes two spider costumes in our list ... but seriously, what says “Halloween” better than a spooky arachnid or two? This outfit is perfect for a crawling baby – and best of all, it’s easy to make! Just buy three pairs of black tights and a black long-sleeved babygro... bonus points for adding the extra googly eyes on the headband! We guarantee at least a few double-takes at your party if your little one shows up in this costume...        




9. Paper Snail

Got a bunch of brown kraft paper and a glue gun? Then you're most of the way toward making this adorable costume already! It's easy to customise for cooler weather – just dress your child in long sleeves instead, and put the snail-shell 'backpack' over the top. (via



10. Little yellow duckling

Toddlers will adore this costume, and you’ll love how easy it is to make! All you’ll need is a yellow shirt and tights (or sweats), a yellow baseball cap, a pair of wellies and a yellow feather boa, plus a couple of large black buttons and a hot glue gun. Just prepare yourself for a lot of running around and quacking!  (via



Happy Halloween, everyone! We’d absolutely love to see all your wonderful costume pics on our Facebook page, or tag us on Instagram!

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