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Have a very happy New Year with your newborn

Posted on 29. December 2017 by adminaris


If you’ve got a brand-new baby in the house this holiday season, you’re probably feeling equal parts overjoyed and exhausted right now – and perhaps a bit unsure as to just how to navigate the previously-familiar silly season of parties, gifting and general merriment with a tiny one in tow. 


New Year’s Eve can be a particularly knotty issue, especially if you were previously the type of person who tended to celebrate the final night of the year until the sun came up. Needless to say, a good night’s sleep is probably trending much higher on your list this year – but that doesn’t mean you need to give up on all the fun! Here are a few fun, family-friendly ways you could mark the end of 2017 now that you have a little one. 


Start as early as you like. If you tend to fade away by 8pm most nights, don’t worry – thanks to the magic of time zones, the new year actually begins (in Tonga and other parts of the South Pacific) at 10am British time! In fact, you have a rolling schedule of New Year’s celebrations to choose from – for instance, there are fireworks in Sydney and Melbourne at 1pm, Hong Kong at 4pm, and Moscow at 9pm, among many, many others. Choose a time that suits you, find a telecast or webcast of the festivities, and crack open a bottle of celebratory bubbly to toast the amazing year you’ve had. We’d say you’ve earned it! 


Bring the party to you. No, we’re not suggesting you host a rave at your place – but having a few close friends or family members over for an afternoon or evening of movies, games or good conversation can be a lovely way to celebrate the end of an amazing year. And best of all, everything you need to keep your baby on schedule will be close at hand! Once you’ve popped your little one down for the night, you’ll be able to enjoy the company and a well-earned glass of prosecco – just make sure you invite people you know well enough that they won’t mind if you need to toddle off to bed before midnight! 


Celebrate on New Year’s Day instead. If night-times are a bit of a struggle at the moment – and, with young babies, they often can be – then why not avoid the whole staying-up-till-midnight dilemma by booking a table for a celebratory New Year’s Day breakfast or lunch instead? Or you could get together with friends and family for some simple drinks and nibbles in the afternoon... whatever works for you. That way, everyone will get at least some sleep, and you can still ring in 2018 in style.

Look for family-friendly celebrations. Many communities host special New Year’s festivities in the afternoon or early evening that are designed with young families in mind – for instance, if you live near Edinburgh you could venture to the Baby Loves Disco Hogmanay, where midday is the new midnight!

Whatever you choose to do on New Year’s eve with your newborn, though, it’s bound to be special, because with a new baby in the family, this year is definitely one to remember! Congratulations to you from all of us here at HiPP – we hope 2018 is just as wonderful for you and your family. 



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