Getting ready to start weaning

Weaning’s a big step, but follow your natural instincts — and your baby’s lead, and it’ll also be fun. Though it will be dribbly – did we say that already? And really, really, sticky…

Introducing the HiPP Way to Wean

Weaning can seem like a daunting task but we’re here to help you feel totally HiPP about the whole thing. We’ve been helping mum’s feel HiPP about feeding their babies for over 60 years and we believe weaning can be really simple, natural and enjoyable. Here’s how:

  • Go with the natural flow
    Every baby’s different, so relax, go at their pace, take your time and most of all, enjoy it together.
  • Go veg first
    Babies are born with a naturally sweet tooth. By getting your baby used to the taste of veg first, especially more bitter flavours like broccoli, they’ll start to enjoy it sooner.
  • Go for it!
    They’ve got the hang of veg? Amazing. Now the fun begins. Keep offering veg, but as long as you avoid a few foods, almost anything else goes. It’s time to mix it up.
  • Play with their food
    Encourage your little one to get hands on, squidging, smelling and squashing their food like it’s a tasty toy. Some of it’s bound to go in their mouth!
  • Enjoy some quality ‘baby time’
    Weaning’s a great opportunity to bond and have fun — helping your baby to feel HiPP about mealtimes.
  • Go organic
    As proud organic pioneers, naturally we think dodging pesky pesticides is better for your baby’s tum, the planet and good taste too.

It is recommended babies start weaning around 6 months old, but some are ready sooner. Ask your healthcare professional for advice.

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