We're Big on Organic

At HiPP Organic, we’re big on organic nutrition, which is why we’ve created our own organic seal because we go further when it comes to quality. Stefan Hipp would like to explain the difference between standard organic and HiPP organic quality to you in more detail.

Why does HiPP Organic have its own organic seal?

First of all based on established tradition. We started organic farming over 60 years ago. Back then, organic was not a big issue. We have driven organic cultivation with full conviction. This is how we set new and higher standards for the quality of baby food. These quality measures are taken into account in the selection of soil, cultivation and processing and are therefore also in every HiPP Organic product.

What is the legal EU organic seal?

For a product to carry the EU organic seal, the EU organic regulation (and seal) prohibits the use of chemical-synthetic sprays and fertilizers, green genetic engineering and artificial colours and preservatives, flavours or flavour enhancers.

So what does HiPP Organic do to create higher quality organic standards? 

Firstly, we use soil samples to check whether a field can be used at all. Many years ago, we exclusively found the most suitable growing areas for each respective vegetable variety. For decades we have acquired special knowledge of how crop rotation must be carried out. During cultivation, we look after the organic farmers and work closely with them. Later on delivery, we only accept the goods if they have met the strict HiPP cleanliness requirements during our laboratory tests.

How far does HiPP Organic’s pollutant controls go?

In total, we examine the raw materials for over 1,000 contaminants which is much more than EU organic regulations require. The contents of a HiPP Organic baby food jar goes through more than 260 controls. We are stricter than the law. With our fine measurement technology, we can even find a single grain of salt in a 25-meter swimming pool. At HiPP Organic, we have voluntarily imposed very strict limits on all conceivable pollutants and impurities. Another valuable contribution in terms of quality also comes from our organic farmers themselves who know our uncompromising attitude and we work together to produce the highest quality ingredients. 

Our commitment to producing the highest quality ingredients is another little thing we do here at HiPP, which we believe makes a big difference to feeding your little one every day.