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Meet Louise, The Honest Midwife

Meet Louise, a Registered Midwife who is the founder of Let's Talk Birth and Baby and the face behind Instagram's The Honest Midwife, with over 30 years experience working in family and children settings.

Meet Wendy, Running coach

Wendy Rumble, a working mother of two young girls, founded RunningBuggies.com in 2015 after struggling to combine childcare with getting a regular exercise fix. 

Meet Gail, The Playful Expert

Meet Gail, a Teacher, Play Specialist, mum of three and the face behind Instagram's @the_playful_expert

Top tips for surviving Christmas during pregnancy

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

As if there wasn’t already enough to do, you now have to navigate the festive season. Don’t worry ladies, here is our very own Honest Midwife with her top 10 tips for surviving Christmas whilst Pregnant.

Help - my baby has Colic!

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

Felt you had it nailed? Baby was in a routine and now everything seems to have changed? Baby crying for hours? Asking yourself “Where have all the good times gone?” Could your baby have Colic?

Morning Sickness

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

Loving being pregnant but not so keen on feeling sick? Sailed through the first few weeks and now feel like the toilet is your new best friend?

Travelling with a baby

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

Whether it’s “Up, Up and Away” or ‘Up, Up and Stay” planning a vacation for the first time with a baby can be a daunting prospect.

How are you feeling?

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

It is highly likely that over the past few weeks and months since your baby arrived there has been no shortage of friends, family, midwives and GPs asking, “How are you Mum?”  But… what about partners?  Aren’t they new parents too? 

Old wives tales

By Louise, The Honest Midwife

Let’s face it - who doesn’t love a good “Old Wives Tale” to keep us entertained.  But is there any truth behind them and can they really predict the gender of your soon to arrive baby?

Sex in pregnancy

By Louise, The Honest Midwife

Finding out you are pregnant, doesn’t have to mark the end to passion and intimacy and in actual fact it is thought that it is really rather good for you.

First infant milk or follow on milk?

By Helen, Nutritionist and registered dietician

Do you need to change onto a follow on milk when baby reaches 6 months, or if a baby is switching from breastmilk to formula at 6 months or older whether they should use an infant milk or a follow on milk. 

Palm Oil

By Helen, Nutritionist and Registered Dietician

It’s easy to think from the bad press palm oil gets that it has no place in food products, let alone in your baby’s formula milk. But is it really that simple?

The many colours of baby poo!

By Louise, The Honest Midwife

Here is a little guide to the many textures and colours of baby's poo.

Baby's poo - What is "normal"?

By Helen, Nutritionist and Registered Dietician

Babies’ stools can vary from day to day in the same baby and between different babies, so what is normal for one baby is not for another. 

Getting the latch right

By Louise, The Honest Midwife

The latch is so important and understanding the physiology, is a great leap in the right direction towards a successful and beneficial partnership between Mum and baby. 

Examples & ideas on games that support learning

Does your toddler have an endless supply of energy? Do they become easily bored and demand your attention throughout the day? Choosing engaging play activities with an educational element needn’t feel daunting. Read this article for some brilliant ideas that won’t take hours to set-up or clean up!

Developing fine and gross motor control through play

Do you ever hear people mention the terms ‘fine’ and ‘gross motor skills’ and think to yourself, well I know that these are important for my child to develop but not fully understand why? Fear not this needn’t feel daunting, confusing or overwhelming. 

Encouraging independence through play

Do you have a clingy child? Does your child cry when you leave the room? Does your child stop playing when you stop interacting with them? Fear not these are all very normal developmental behaviours that your child is likely to display at this stage. 

Socialising your little one as we come out of lockdown

As we begin to reopen and restrictions lift, parents and caregivers are reminded that their children have lost quite a bit of socialising time. We’ve had over a year of cancelled social opportunities with friends.

Navigating sleep

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

Having a newborn can have you asking yourself if you will ever sleep again.  The answer is “Yes!”

Pregnancy loss awareness week

Notice: This week in October is baby loss awareness week, kindly Louise has shared her own experience and trauma of losing a child during pregnancy. This topic may be very upsetting for those who have also experienced the loss of a child.

Top 10 questions to ask a midwife

By Louise, The Honest Midwife.

Having a baby?So many questions you just don’t know where to start or what you actually need to know? Don’t worry here are The Honest Midwife’s top 10 questions to ask on your first appointment.