LCPs and prebiotics


LCPs is short for ‘long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids’ which are a type of unsaturated fats that play many useful roles in the body. Two of the most significant LCPs are the Omega 3 LCP known as DHA, and the Omega 6 LCP known as AA. Both of these are found in breastmilk and have been added to HiPP Organic infant milks. AA and DHA are important components of the retina of the eye and of the brain and they are therefore of major importance during the visual and neurological development of young babies. AA and DHA can be made from other fats in the diet by babies, but the ability to do so is very limited in the first few months of life, so a dietary source of AA and DHA is desirable to ensure optimum nutrition and development in bottle fed babies in the first 4-6 months of life.

Our follow on and growing up milks naturally contain alpha linolenic acid, an essential Omega 3 fatty acid which can be converted in the body into DHA.

PRÆBIOTIK® oligosaccharides

Oligosaccharides are indigestible carbohydrates, i.e. a source of dietary fibres, which support the growth of “friendly” bacteria in your baby’s tummy, promoting healthy and comfortable digestion. Breastmilk contains large amounts of prebiotic oligosaccharides, including galacto-oligosaccharides which are added to HiPP Organic infant and follow on milks. By adding these prebiotic oligosaccharides to our formulas, the intestinal bacteria of babies fed HiPP Organic milks should be more like that of breastfed babies. The consistency of stools of these babies should be softer, thus aiding digestion.

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