A natural harvest – no added nasties

A natural harvest

Over the years, we’ve developed many different farming techniques to ensure the finest organic produce for our baby food. For starters, every field and orchard growing HiPP Organic ingredients is far away from major roads and industry. We even pay attention to the direction of the wind to avoid airborne pollution.


Soil is kept healthy through traditional methods such as crop rotation and organic composting. All the seeds for our crops are natural and free of chemicals (and strictly no GM seed stocks or plants).

Active pest control includes approaches such as companion planting (attracting slugs and snails to ‘decoy’ plants) and selecting exposed plots to prevent insects and mildew. Plus our organic hedgerows and field margins mean wildlife flourishes. In return, the ladybirds, birds in our carefully placed nesting boxes, hedgehogs and other insect-eaters do a great job in helping us to keep the pests away from our important ingredients. tractor

Sustainable farming

Of course, all our fruit, vegetables and cereals are grown naturally. No harmful synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are used –leaving the crops, soil and waterways free from unwanted chemicals and pesticide residues. And in case you were wondering, we remove weeds by traditional mechanical methods and by hand. That’s lots of hard work, but it’s worth it!

A brighter world

HiPP works together with organic farms large and small, and actively supports local growers, so that they can continue to enjoy high quality farming.

The organic farming methods we use mean there’s less pollution in the earth, air, the waterways and in the food chain. That means you can feed your baby with ingredients free from harmful pesticides, and they can grow up in a brighter world.


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