Why organic is best for your baby

WeaningNaturally, you’ll want to give your baby the very best start. Babies’ bodies are young and vulnerable and growing rapidly - their organs, immune systems and other vital body systems are at an important developmental stage.

So it’s good to know that organic means natural, pure and healthy with no harmful chemical pesticide residues or other unwanted extras.

Choosing to feed your baby organically may be the single most important way to give them the best start in life’.*

On average, organic foods contain higher levels of vitamin C and essential minerals, as well as protective antioxidants and Omega 3 - which are perfect for your growing baby.

Our nutritionist, Helen, explains why she think organic foods are better for babies in her video below.

Professor Carlo Leifert, an expert in organic food, led a team carrying out research for the EU**. He said the health benefits of eating organic foods would be the equivalent of having one extra portion of fruit and vegetables every day. His research also showed that organic fruit and vegetables contain up to 40% more nutrients if they are grown without fertilisers, chemicals and harmful pesticides.

And don’t forget, eating organically means enjoying foods and ingredients that are bursting with taste and flavour!

*Dr Vyvyan Howard, MB ChB PhD FRC Path, University of Liverpool
**Published at Newcastle University, 2007

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