Week 9

Your baby is still only about the size of a grape, but development is coming along rapidly now. By this week, your baby has a nose and mouth, and a tiny tongue and taste buds are forming! Your baby's digestive system is developing rapidly, along with the rest of the major internal organs. Arms, legs, hands and feet are growing fast and ridges show where those tiny fingers and toes will soon be

Are you feeling a little constricted around the middle?

You might be finding you need to leave the top button of your jeans undone, and your breasts might well be getting bigger. Some women find this an awkward stage – you don't necessarily look pregnant yet, just a bit bigger, and this can be a challenge to deal with if you've not yet told everyone about the pregnancy. Try not to let it irritate you too much – you'll have a “proper bump” very soon now!


*Don't forget – it's important to take your folic acid supplement until the end of week 12.