Week 20

At the end of 20 weeks, your baby is around 16cm (6½ inches) from head to bottom (quite a bit longer with legs stretched out) and weigh about 340g (12 ounces).
The baby is growing very fast, but there’s still plenty of room in the womb to somersault around – and you've probably started to feel some of those gymnastic maneuvers by now.
You’ll probably have another scan around now - how lovely to be able to ‘see’ your baby again!
Is your belly button starting to pop out yet?

You’re halfway there...

Congratulations! You might find you are becoming a bit forgetful these days - just blame your hormones! It's also quite normal to have a harder time getting to sleep, as your bump might make it tough to find a comfortable position. Having several pillows can help – try lying on your side with one pillow under your head and one between your knees to take the stress off your hips.

The second scan

This is sometimes called the ‘anomaly scan’, because the sonographer will be performing a detailed check of your baby to make sure everything's developing as it should. For you, however, it's mostly a wonderful chance to see some detailed pictures of your baby! Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you can't identify what's what on the screen. You might even be able to find out your baby’s sex, if you want to - though this will depend on the position your baby is in and also whether your hospital has a ‘no tell’ policy.

Suffering from indigestion or heartburn?

It's no wonder if you are – after all, your poor stomach is starting to get a bit squashed by now! Try eating little and often - and when you go to bed use one of those extra pillows to prop up your head and torso a bit more. (For more tips, see indigestion in the HiPP A-Z of Health.)

Maternity leave and pay

In order to qualify for statutory maternity leave, you'll need to apply at least 15 weeks before your due date, so you might want to start thinking about it now. Ask your doctor or midwife for the certificate (MAT B1) that certifies you are pregnant - you'll need this for claiming benefits and maternity pay.

For more information about the maternity leave benefits you're entitled to, you can visit Direct Gov or Work Smart.