Week 24

Your baby is a champion gurner by now, pulling faces, frowning and opening and closing that tiny mouth.
Did you know your baby can get the hiccups? If you feel a series of small, rhythmic jerks happening inside, that's probably what's going on!
This week is a bit of a milestone - if your baby was born now, he or she would stand a good chance of surviving with special care. (BLISS is a great source of information, advice and support for parents of premature babies:www.bliss.org.uk)

Putting on weight

You may feel like you're already enormous, but for most women, the really dramatic weight gain usually takes place in the next six weeks of pregnancy. At one time, pregnant women were weighed at every antenatal checkup, but thankfully attitudes to weight gain are much more relaxed now.

You'll likely gain around 2 stone in total during your pregnancy, but interestingly, only around a third of this is directly related to the baby. The rest is mainly due to your increased blood supply, body fat, retained water and your new, larger breasts.

Feeling hot and bothered?

Your heart and lungs have to work extra-hard these days, and this often means that pregnant women feel warmer than usual. Your ribs are moving upwards, and the lower ribs are moving outwards, to make room for your expanding womb, but this constricts your lungs and may make you feel a little breathless at times. Try to take things slowly and rest if you need to.

Your balance is a bit iffy these days, too, because your centre of gravity is changing, so you may finally need to give up the high heels (if you haven’t done so already).