Week 30

In the third trimester, your baby's skin develops a thick greasy protective substance called the ‘vernix’ to stop it becoming waterlogged. You'll probably notice some when your baby's born – which won't be too long now!
Your baby would have an excellent chance of survival if born now, but would still need some special care.

Your body

You might start to notice your womb beginning to practice for the contractions of labour - a sort of painless tightening that lasts about 30 seconds.
Your belly is likely to be itchy due to your expanding bump – but you may notice that your palms and the soles of your feet have also started to itch. Don't worry - this is most likely due to the increase in hormones. (However if you start to itch all over, it's best to let your doctor or midwife know.)

What will your baby look like? What will labour be like?

If you're like many mums, you'll be thinking about questions like these – and many, many more! Come on over to the HiPP Facebook page - it's a brilliant place to exchange experiences, ask those niggling questions, and maybe even make new friends.

Preparing for your new arrival

You’ve probably started collecting nursery equipment and buying some tiny outfits for your little one. (Baby clothes are hard to resist, aren’t they?) If you can, try to get prepared well in advance - going on a big shopping trip in the last few weeks of pregnancy is not much fun.

If you already have another child or children, you'll no doubt be getting them used to the idea of having a new baby in the family. It’s also a good idea to plan out who will look after the older child/ren if everything kicks off in the middle of the night, as it sometimes does!

If this is your first baby, enjoy the preparation – it won't be long now until you're bringing your baby home!