Week 31

Your baby is rapidly filling out and looking plumper – no more wrinkly skin! Those little lungs are maturing quickly, getting ready for that first big breath of air.

There are still plenty of kicks, punches and gymnastics going on in there – this might make it tough to get to sleep, but it's a good sign that your baby's healthy and growing well.

Weight gain

This last trimester is when you'll notice the greatest weight gain - for both your baby and you. You might be gaining as much as half a kilo (around 1lb) per week right now, and because your body is working so hard supporting your baby, you'll need to eat an extra 200 (healthy!) calories a day during these last three months.

As your baby grows, you might find things becoming less comfortable. The baby might be pressing on your bladder, disrupting your digestion or causing you backache! All these nuisances are (unfortunately) quite common – so just keep making those trips to the loo, eat plenty of fibre (and drink plenty of fluids too) and make sure you rest enough.

Cramping your style?

Lots of mums find they're more prone to leg cramps in the last trimester, and it's a real pain (pardon the pun) when a cramp wakes you in the middle of the night! If you do get a cramp, stretch the muscle out to help ease it – for a calf cramp, pull your toes up toward your knee (or have your partner do it for you, if you can't reach your toes).

There's some evidence that magnesium can help to ward off cramping muscles, so if you're plagued by leg cramps, try snacking on some pumpkin seeds or having a big spinach salad for dinner – perhaps with some avocado on top.

Buying for baby

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