Week 33

Getting bigger by the day! It's hard to believe, but your baby will probably gain more than half of his or her birthweight in these last seven weeks of pregnancy.
Your midwife might be able to feel what position your baby is in (probably head-down at this point, though some babies do wait to turn until the last minute).
For first time mums, the baby’s head will be starting to move down further into your pelvis. (This is a good thing – not only does it help prepare for birth, but it will give you a bit more room to breathe!)

Nutritious meals

In these last few weeks, you might want to take time to plan some quick and nutritious meals; this will stand you in good stead once your baby is born and time to cook is at a premium. If you have the energy, you can even cook and freeze some dishes for those first few weeks – trust us, once the baby arrives, cooking will be the last thing on your priority list!

Takeaways for tired mums

It’s all very well people telling you to eat healthily during pregnancy, but what about when you’re pressed for time or can’t face cooking? Is there such a thing as a ‘healthy’ takeaway?

In general, takeaways aren't as healthy as home-cooked food, but some choices are healthier than others. For example, if you fancy a kebab, try the ‘shish’ kebab option (cubes of lamb or chicken) rather than the fattier ‘doner’ version, and ask them not to sprinkle salt on the meat. Kebabs or falafel, served with salad in a pitta, can be a healthy takeaway option. (Hummous is good, too.)

If you're keen for pizza, pile on extra vegetables to help you get your five-a-day. Sliced red peppers, raw spinach or sweetcorn are all good choices. The cheese on the pizza will help to keep your calcium levels up. Or order a jacket potato with cheese and beans – yummy!

Off to class

Childbirth classes are useful and good fun - and they’re often an opportunity to make lasting friendships. Swap contact details with other mums-to-be and likely couples. After the baby is born, it can be a real lifesaver to be able to get together with other new mums (and dads) to compare notes. The National Childbirth Trust offers a range of classes for prospective parents.