Week 14

Don't look now, but your baby is getting hairy! A fine down called lanugo is beginning to grows all over your baby's body. Don't worry, though - it usually disappears before birth (and any remaining bits will fall off before too long).
Around now, your baby will be starting to practice facial expressions like frowning and squinting.
Swallowing is another pastime these days; your baby will be taking in little bits of amniotic fluid and processing them through those tiny kidneys before releasing them as urine.
Those little fingers can grasp now, and there may even be a bit of thumb-sucking going on!

Enjoying the second trimester

Now that the first trimester is over, you might well find yourself relaxing into and even enjoying this whole pregnancy lark – and so you should! Don't be surprised if your temporarily-absent sex drive returns or even increases. Enjoy making love; it won’t hurt the baby.

Morning sickness is probably retreating by now, and you're not too big yet, so the second trimester is an ideal time to take a holiday before the baby comes. Go ahead, wear a bikini and show off that brand-new bump of yours!

You might have noticed a bit of blood when cleaning your teeth lately, or you might even have had a bit of a nosebleed. This is usually due to increased blood flow, and it isn't anything to worry about. If you are at all concerned, your midwife or GP will be happy to talk it over with you.

Did you know? The average woman's blood volume increases by nearly 50% during pregnancy!