Week 40

Your baby is ready for the outside world, although he or she may seem to be in no hurry to get to it!
The hormones in your body will make your baby's genitals look a bit swollen straight after the birth, but this will soon settle down.
Some babies are born with a full head of hair (up to 2 inches long); others are completely bald. Whichever way your baby turns out, we bet you'll think he or she is beautiful!

When is the baby going to come?

Sorry to tell you this, but it could be up to another week or two.

Some doctors will want to induce you (use medicine to start your labour) if your baby is one week overdue; others prefer to wait until two weeks past your due date, to see if labour will begin on its own. If you have a preference about inducing labour, it's a good idea to speak to your midwife or doctor about it as soon as your due date passes. Your doctor might have a medical reason to induce you, but he or she should also take your feelings into account.

Who will the baby look like? Will it be a boy or girl (or do you know already?) Dark or fair? You’ve probably picked out some names already, but it's a good idea to stay a little flexible - your baby may not look at all like a Ruby, and more like a Poppy!