Meet Gail, The Playful Expert

Hi, my name is Gail, I am a Teacher, Play Specialist, mum of three and the face behind Instagram’s @the_playful_expert

As a highly qualified Teaching, Learning and Play Expert I understand the skills that babies and children need to master, as they grow and develop. Being a mum to 3 little ones, I also understand how hectic life can really be! It really is a juggling act; wanting to help your children to develop, play and learn, whilst maintaining a home on top of all of the ‘day to day’ life too!

This is where I like to help parents and other professionals; through providing helpful play-based activities that can aid children in their playful learning journey. On my Instagram account (@the_playful_expert) I enjoy being creative and setting up activities for my own children to learn from but also like to incorporate simple items from around the home that are practical and can be put together quickly so that they needn’t take too much prepping time.

I believe in, and actively promote a play-based approach towards learning. I feel it is the best way to enable your child to develop, as they learn best through first-hand experiences which play promotes. Children are naturally motivated to play, and it is with this that stimulates and supports children in their development of skills, concepts, language acquisition, communication skills and concentration. A play-based learning approach builds on this motivation, using it as a context for their learning. It is within this that children are able to explore, discover, problem solve and experiment in a range of imaginative and playful ways. This approach involves the adult to actively encourage the child to learn through inquiry and interactions that aim to stretch their thinking to higher levels.

I am really excited that I will be a regular expert here at HiPP Organic UK providing you with informative articles to aid you with supporting your child through play as they reach these exciting milestones ahead during their development.