We're big on nature. And we're big on adventure too! Little HiPP Explorers is full of fun packed activities to help guide your little one’s first steps into a big new world of adventure in nature.

Ready to get stuck into nature? Check out our Little HiPP Explorers Nature Adventure Game! Designed to help little ones learn about the natural world around them, our easy to play card game is full of fun prompts to help your little explorer discover the natural world.

Whether you’re on a walk, in the park, or in your back garden, our Nature Adventure Game is the perfect way to help young children engage with wildlife and the environment. So what are you waiting for, get exploring!

Activity ideas

If you loved our Nature Adventure Game, you’ll love these great nature activities too!

How many great beasties can your little explorer find?

Get hunting

Six simple ideas for big fun outdoors with your little one.

Let’s go

Get crafty with this simple feeder for feathery friends.

Ready to make

Art that grows on trees! Crafty ideas for fun with foliage.

Tell me more

Explore nature through sight, sound, smell and touch.

I smell fun

Have fun with the sounds of spring. Who can you hear?

I’m all ears

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