Parent's Stories: Baby Advice From Parents

Welcome to Parent’s Stories, HiPP’s brand new advice hub designed to support you and your little one’s journey from birth. We’ve worked closely with parents through each stage of development to provide useful tips and tricks for you and your little ones.

3 easy indoor activity ideas for a rainy day by @littlesofmine

We’ve teamed up with the lovely @littlesofmine to provide you with three easy activities for you and your littles ones to take part in, to make those rainy days that little bit brighter.

HiPP Twists: Little Jar Bug Hotel

Toddler | Play | Development |

If you’re looking for easy outdoor activities for toddlers, this one will give your busy little one plenty to buzz about!

Six tips for new parents with @thesouthendmummy

That's why we spoke with the brilliant @thesouthendmummy to provide six top tips for new parents...

Best advice for parents to be with @raising_stanley

Birth | First Days | Development |

Whether it's accepting help from others or preparing for an unexpected change to your birth plans, read up on Shelby's past experience to ensure the smoothest possible arrival for your little one.

Introducing Cows’ Milk

Toddler | Development |

Switching from milk feeds to whole (full fat) cows’ milk around the time of their first birthday is considered a milestone by many. But is it actually the best thing to do?

Why choose HiPP Organic follow on milk?

First Days | Development |

Follow on milk is designed to complement a baby’s weaning diet from the age of 6 months onwards if they are not being breastfed. But with so many brands available, how do you decide which one is right for your baby?

What is Tummy Time?

First Days | Toddler | Development |

If you’re wondering what tummy time is, it’s exactly what it sounds like – time spent on their front instead of their back. But why is it so important for your little one?

Making Bath Time Fun with @_islajune

Toddler | Play | Development |

We spoke with Laura from @_islajune about how she makes her little one’s bath time fun, every time...

Gentle Pregnancy Exercise with @laurenallenfitness

Development |

We spoke with @laurenallenfitness on why gentle exercise is beneficial during pregnancy, she shared with us some practical try-at-home exercises to get you and your little one moving...

Craft Ideas for Toddlers with @gemmalangx

Toddler | Play | Development |

Gemma and her little one, Paisley have shared this super fun craft idea that you can try out from the comfort of your own home…