The HiPP Way to Wean

At HiPP, we want your weaning journey to be full of fun. In fact, we’ve been helping mum’s feel HiPP about feeding their babies for over 60 years because we believe weaning should be simple, natural and enjoyable. Do you agree?

If you follow some basic principles and keep it fun, your baby will soon by feeling HiPP about all sorts of foods. And you’ll be feeling HiPP about weaning too. Here’s how:

Introducing the HiPP way to wean…

Go with the natural flow

Every baby’s different, so relax, go at their pace, take your time and most of all, have fun!

Some babies will start early, some late. Some will get into the swing of it quickly, some slowly. Some scoff the lot, others will only accept the teeniest, tiniest morsel. However your baby does weaning, don’t worry, let them do it their way.

And remember, it may take several tastes for your baby to get to like a new flavour. If they don't like something, simply try again another day — they’ll soon get the hang of it.

Go veg first

Babies are born with a naturally sweet tooth. By getting your baby used to the taste of veg first, especially more bitter flavours like broccoli, they’ll start to enjoy it sooner.

Be prepared for some fabulously surprised faces, but with a little time and gentle encouragement they’ll soon be feeling super-HiPP wolfing down their greens. It’ll help them to make healthier choices long into the future too.

Tip: For the first week or two offer them a different veg every day.

Go for it!

They’ve got the hang of veg? Amazing. Now the fun begins. As long as you avoid a few foods, almost anything goes. It’s time to mix it up.

Offer loads of different tastes and textures, purees and soft finger foods, anyway you like. The more the merrier — it really is that easy!

Play with their food

Encourage your little one to get hands on, squidging, smelling and squashing their food like it’s a tasty toy. Some of it’s bound to go in their mouth!

Babies are naturally curious, so encourage them to learn about their food. Make it fun. Make a mess! Let them touch and hold it. Put colourful puree and softly cooked vegetables, like broccoli ‘trees’, on a plate in front of them and let them explore and try to feed themselves — or make handprints. The more fun it is, the more they’ll enjoy their food

Go organic

As proud organic pioneers, naturally we think dodging pesky pesticides is better for your baby’s tum, the planet and good taste too.

We think that by giving your baby only the best organic ingredients, you can be confident that you’re doing the very best for your baby. And that’ll make you feel HiPP!

Getting started

Download our super simple guide to the first few weeks of weaning here