Fish Surprise

This nutritionally packed recipe will be a great addition to your little one’s weaning journey. As an adaptable recipe, it allows you to adjust it to your child’s preferences, whilst also being able to introduce your little one to a wider range of flavours. This recipe is suitable from 7 months onwards.



- Rice or pasta of your choice

- A spoonful of frozen peas

- Tinned tuna or salmon 

- HiPP Organic Tomato and Vegetable sauce

- New potatoes (as an alternative to rice or pasta)





1. Boil some rice, orzo pasta or other pasta shapes according to the instructions on the packaging. Alternatively, you could cook some chopped new potatoes in boiling water until soft. (Decide on the portion size to suit your baby's appetite). Add a spoonful of frozen peas for the last 5 minutes of the cooking time and then drain.

2. Flake a little tinned tuna of salmon (choose fish canned in water or sunflower oil rather than brine to ensure the salt content of the meal is kept to a minimum) in a bowl, then add the rice/pasta/potatoes and peas and stir.

3. Mix in the HiPP Organic Tomato and Vegetable sauce.

4. Check the temperature of the meal before feeding to your baby.

5. Store any remaining sauce in the jar in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours.